"Defenders of the Faith" is a new comic written by Brandon Bowers (@thehouseofeyes), and drawn by Sawblade! This first short story will appear in Sawblade's upcoming Overdose Zine, but more stories featuring the characters are also in the works. Follow the Sawblade and House of Eyes instagram pages for updates! Here's a preview:


10TH Anniversary Party featuring INSECT WARFARE!

We're celebrating 10 Years using the SAWBLADE name, and INSECT WARFARE will perform for the last time in the United States. Sawblade did artwork for every Insect Warfare release. This will be insane!



We had a great time meeting new friends at COMICPALOOZA, and got to meet a true horror art icon, BERNIE WRIGHTSON!


Sawblade in the ERIDANOS GALLERY!

Sawblade art will be featured alongside a bunch of great dark artists in the show! Visit their website for more info!


SAVAGE BOOTLEGS, Season 1 up now!

This is a series about underground metal and punk music, produced by Brandon Bowers and featuring tons of art by SAWBLADE during the opening and closing credits. Hopefully this series has many years to go!


Sawblade appearances in OUT OF STEP BOOKS!

Sawblade art is now available in the huge hardcover volume DEVILS, DEMONS, AND MONSTERS, as well as issue #1 of the new PANDAEMONIUM ZINE. Get them now!


Sawblade in the CODEX OBSCURUM ZINE!

A new Sawblade design is available in the new Codex Obscurum Zine. Get it now!


Sawblade designs in two MOVIES!

Shirts featuring Sawblade designs have popped up in two movies! One is a heavy metal horror bloodbath called DEATHGASM and the other is a Dungeons and Dragons comedy called ZERO CHARISMA. Check 'em out!


Sawblade in the STAY TOONED art show at Insomnia

We had a great time at the Stay Tooned art show this weekend. The show was hosted by Houston's own Insomnia Video Game Culture & Vinyl Toys. Sawblade did a killer Rat Fink-style image of Skeletor for the gallery exhibit and this hand-drawn shipping label to commemorate the event.


Sawblade doing art for new Youtube series SAVAGE BOOTLEGS

The House of Eyes is bringing us a new Youtube series featuring live footage and interviews from the best bands in underground metal and punk. Sawblade did the title art for the show and his older works will be used as artwork throughout the credits. Future seasons of the show may include animated sequences by Sawblade, so stay tuned! Season one is scheduled for release this October. Here's a preview:


Collaboration with Houston graffiti legend, EYESORE

In a team-up worthy of the Houston history books, Eyesore and Sawblade have combined efforts to bring you this awesome limited edition 18x24" screen print in a number of colors. Available now in the Sawblade store!


Sawblade inking the new FUME comic

Sawblade is hard at work inking this new comic penciled and written by Diego Garza. To keep up with the progress on this story, follow Diego on instagram.

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